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    Frank Hughes says:

    I work in a grocery store distribution center. We have around 450 pallets of eggs. They sit on the pallets for at least 5 months before they hit the shelves. They are kept in a 43*f building.

  2. Avatar
    Joel Quinn says:

    The ones that were floating were close enough to bad to float but were still edigle. I buy my eggs from others in my community and have for years. The town I work in has free range chickens lol (seriously) and a city 20 miles south of us has a very large populace.

  3. Avatar
    Joel Quinn says:

    When I boil my eggs I put them in cold water and heat it up to prevent cracking or leaking. I add baking soda that makes it very easy to peel. I free hand the vast majority of things I cook so it's just under quarter cup for a 2-3 qts water 6-8 eggs

  4. Avatar
    starless mystery says:

    To cook my boiled eggs I put them in the pan, fill the pan with water, bring it to a full rolling boil then turn the fire off and cover the pan. Let them sit for 15 minutes and then drain. PERFECT!!!!!

  5. Avatar
    Renee Brown says:

    The reason that they recommend 9ish months. Never use store bought eggs. The reason they will stay fresh so long as the natural covering from the hen. If you wash them you remove it and the lime can get inside the shell. Shells are porous.


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