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21 replies
  1. Avatar
    Eugene Bajema says:

    Bottled water is not always the answer either, as I found out when flying from Abuja to Lagos with my youngest years ago. In hindsight, the bottletop didn't make the click/click/click sound. So I drank Nigerian tap water (I hope). Luckily the side effects weren't too bad. My lovely 1.5 yr old didn't seem to have any ill effects, she is still one healthy young lady!! When I hike, I always have a water filter with me (Lifestraw in the emergency pack) and I have a ceramic waterfilter in my car. Just in case.

  2. Avatar
    The Strength Doc says:

    To keep things simple, I was planning on primarily using my onboard water as both potable and shower/cleaning water. Though, I do like the idea of being able to access a water source near camp as well. I don't think I want to bother with a full filtration set-up as I don't intend to rely on this for water. My question here is IF I just use a small micro filter (mainly for sediment), and plug this non-filtered water via the pump will I end up totally contaminating the whole system? Basically, is it even feasible to do this or would I have to have two pumps/tubing: 1 for potable tank water and 1 for external water source that is not potable?

  3. Avatar
    Henry Cole Stage says:

    Andrew, I don't think you discussed the actual amount of fuel you would recommend to keep onboard. For an extended southern/eastern Africa trip (Namibia through Tanz-ish) how much fuel do you recommend? Not by volume, of course, but in milage/km, as in, "you should have approximately 400km worth of fuel at all times". Also, you mentioned 15L pp/pd water, but how many days would you and Paul recommend? I know I tend to grossly over-carry both. Cheers!

  4. Avatar
    Gnawer Shreth says:

    Just watched this video again and it got me thinking..
    I'd love to see you do a longer trip in cold climate at some point because I'm curious how that experience would change some of your advice and thoughts about various things.

    For example, an exterior water tank might obviously end up freezing, and if it gets cold enough you can even start having problems with the fuel or with starting the vehicle. On most of your trips you obviously don't need to worry about a diesel heater and stuff like that so it'd be interesting to see if your advice would change after a longer period of time in a cold climate.

    Maybe a trip across Canada during the late fall, early spring or even winter? Or Russia or something perhaps, that'd obviously be completely new for you as well. 🙂

  5. Avatar
    Sam Johnson says:

    Love this channel. ASPW and Mr. Marsh are a wealth of knowledge. And their willingness to share is hugely appreciated and humbly received in these-here parts.

    I'm piecing together running cold water in an FZJ and I'm curious if air pressure be used instead of a water pump? My thought is to use something I already have on board rather than adding another electric device, i.e. a water pump.

    What are your thoughts on this? Of course air cleanliness would be of highest importance, so an additional filer would be introduced.

    But that brings me to a surprise i saw in this video. No one runs water filters as a matter of course? Perhaps Mr. Marsh does. But any water I intend to physically consume will be filtered at the tap. That said, the filter is to purify all types of water not just an initial fill of potable. This helps ease stress of 'worrying when the water runs out'.

    But then I'm dirtying the 'potable water' tank. Yes. But only when necessary. Hopefully never. But the tap filter enables a potentially endless (life of filters) supply of water. Proper and indeed extra care must be taken to clean said dirtied tank and filters when the emergency situation has passed and the vehicle will be sitting unused, of course. lol

    Anyhoo, I study these videos and learn much. Thank you again Mr. White and 4xoverland.

  6. Avatar
    Jason howe says:

    I think you need to discuss fuel options more than water.

    typically landy's start with 150 litres as a main tank typically for a main tank you typically go the 2-3times times the size of what ever the stock tank the landy comes with. 2 reserve tanks to fit over the rear wheel well give you 150 liters of fuel with atleast 100-200 liters in jerry cans, water 200 liters in jerry's keep 1 for vehicle the other 3 for drinking..

  7. Avatar
    wilkes982 says:

    I built 2 22L food grade jerry cans into my 4×4, plumbed through a pump to a tap on the rear. I can isolate both tanks and also remove one from the vehicle if necessary. Having on board water is fantastic

  8. Avatar
    On Wheels says:

    put those tanks on shock absorbers mountig points. more like the engine supports. they should absorb the vibrations and have some degree of freedom when the chasy of the vehicule is bending

  9. Avatar
    Matthew Full says:

    whats the idea in like dual 15 lb water tanks like thay use in a rv with a skid plate so if need be you can tank them completely you to clean or replace like the Barker 15-Gallon Tote-Along Drain Water Tank

  10. Avatar
    hdmccart says:

    Last year when passing through, the caretaker/mechanic at Kunawarritji on the Canning Stock Route mentioned the single biggest issue he sees in terms of failures on that trip is broken after market fuel tanks. Nuff said?


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