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40 replies
  1. Avatar
    d what says:

    and thats up to you on what you tell anyone…i have fenced in place barbed wire and big dogs in here…and im not goint to be talking to anyone ..and if they actually tresspass well then you better have a warrant to be here if not do not have to open your door to anyone ..the problems often happen when you let someone come in your home never willingly open your doors and let anyone in have the rigjt to not speak to them or you can speak to them thru a window not fully open

  2. Avatar
    raijin 1378 says:

    That last part is obviously a lie tractor parts are still being made as we speak i cant vouch for other states but iowa yea still running john deers that make the tractor itself still running materials needed to mold the fiberglass parts still rolling in as of right now there still going the materials are being shipped from ohio and the 2 plants here are still going like nothing is going on again thats iowa not sure about anywhere else from what i understand Indiana is still going as well

  3. Avatar
    Paloma Savaengcharoen says:

    In Thailand we don't have food problem. That's NOT their business to go to your home and ask how much food you have at home. Don't answer the door if you don't know who that person is and if you own a car, park it somewhere else so they think no one is home!

  4. Avatar
    Cathy Latorre says:

    Wow is Trump a communist now the communist seriously is he a communist president now,,
    He’s been listening to his son-in-law that set alarm for his not good not good absolutely not good he keeps it up it’s not gonna be good,,,
    I like Donald Trump I do not dislike him whatsoever but I don’t think he should be president

  5. Avatar
    Cathy Latorre says:

    No it’s really weird about that is that I know a woman that probably has five fridge Raiders who is a whore and a thief and a liar,,
    2004 Chevy we lost our electricity and she post to be a Christian and she she’s the type that she would let her own kids starve that’s how bad of a food issue is a thing issue she is

  6. Avatar
    Cathy Latorre says:

    It’s none of your business is what you say none of your business really because it isn’t any of their business as they did the president is that I think they’ve done something to the president here thinking right

  7. Avatar
    Marit Evans says:

    And I'm thankful they are. I couldnt leave work to shoo while everyone was buying out the store. Each day, when I had to be at work during the 1st two hrs after stores were openning – the new stocks were wiped out. Day after day by the time I could shop, stores were empty. So if someone comes to my house asking if I need food – I will be grateful. I have no t.p., no meat, no milk. I was happy to see a limit of 2 signs – it gave me hope I might get something for my family for a real dinner. I understand your concerns, they're valid. But we did the empty shelves, took more than was needed for 1 month, even 6 months.

  8. Avatar
    Valori Johnsen says:

    I have been prepping for a few years. I have a garden and I can meats & vegetables. When the SHTF recently I did NOT go to the store. It would have been nice to have fresh milk but I used my preps. If they show up and clean me out, that is wrong on every level. They should encourage folks to be self sufficient not penalize them. I would ask them how much is enough?

  9. Avatar
    Joe Granger says:

    Bro… If you had seen Trump and Bill Barr speak on this at the podium, you would have heard it has nothing to do with residential customers stocking up on supplies. It has to do with companies hording stock piles of medical supplies.

  10. Avatar
    Cyndi Rothrock says:

    A little hard to take SKILLS from a living PERSON. You can't make someone grow food if you STARVATION them. If they don't eat nobody else will either. Because the food doesn't plant itself tend itself or harvest itself nor does it put itself up for the WINTER.

  11. Avatar
    Douglas of Avalon says:

    So if people run out of food, it's going to be war and the militias are already forming across the country. This coup is crazy and anyone crazy enough to take on armed, locked and loaded pissed off amerikans is a fucking moron!

  12. Avatar
    JayeBird says:

    If they start going door to door then they’ll probably try to antagonize you into getting aggressive enough to take your ass off to fema and do what they dnm well please!💉😳
    Or not

  13. Avatar
    888huckleberry says:

    What about all the stuff are govt. hoards like the FEMA coffins , or NUKES and military weapons . THERE the king of hoarders ….Didnt The govt. Put out that emergency warning months ago or longer saying you should have x amount of food,,, I guess they meant to say hay everybody stock up food for us. . If most people are like me there lucky enough to afford 1 week worth of food . He'll my brother has to go day by day cause he can't afford food. And this is all previous to this fake crisis

  14. Avatar
    patty sizer says:

    You definitely have your point of view. Some of your concerns COULD be valid, but are not proven. I am NOT talking about potential food shortages in general. The supply chain is broken, no doubt. I would like the information presented with less drama and fewer editorial comments. Thank you for considering this.

  15. Avatar
    jim draper says:

    I really Donot think 🤔 he is talking about the food but Ppes I grow my own food the only food of mine is a boot in their anus canal i will even have my bandanas and 🧢 caps 🧢 and they are hand made

  16. Avatar
    Sandra Lewis says:

    OMG! I'm going to bury my beans right now before the government comes to get my hoard. Actually, I'm going to "bury" beans and lentils in the garden today because they should weather any potential frost we are likely to get. The more delicate plants stayed on the deck overnight with a tarp over them. The greens don't care about the weather–a lot of them overwinter in the snow anyway. Kale, mustard, turnips, and chard are leaping toward the sky, looking for the sun. All is good in the gardenhood.

    While the authorities might be able to find us to ask if we have food or whatnot, it is unlikely. I will tell them the truth insofar as what is currently in the working pantry. Because if we lie and they use their overreach for a warrantless search they will find the working pantry well-stocked for at least a week or two. They will be looking for packaged foods that they can take, but probably won't bother with grandma's home-canned foods or a few mason jars full of sugar, flour, rice, and beans. Even if they did wipe out the working pantries of the population, they won't easily wipe out the caches.

  17. Avatar
    Stoney Island Ranch says:

    This was not aimed at preppers it was more so targeting gougers.. people buying a bunch of stuff Nd trying to sell it.. and Costco isn't taking returns hahaha.. cause those numb nuts can't rip people off now they are stuck with it..

  18. Avatar
    Zampan0 says:

    "The average sliding 31-day rainfall during March in Columbus is increasing, starting the month at 1.9 inches, when it rarely exceeds 3.4 inches or falls below 0.6 inches, and ending the month at 2.8 inches, when it rarely exceeds 4.1 inches or falls below 1.5 inches". – Google. As of today March, 26 we have had 9.8 inches of precipitation.

    If they come to my door asking how much food I have, I'll say that I have enough for this week and then I'll need to go to Kroger's and buy other weeks' worth. How's that?


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