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43 replies
  1. Avatar
    Wendye Crain says:

    How are the mommy rabbits and the babies doing?
    I don't have a good internet connection for the lives.
    Love and hugs from the little old lady in New Mexico USA. May God bless you and your family

  2. Avatar
    Louisa Bluck says:

    and this is why you are such a wonderful family . sadly it's not like this any more in UK people have forgot how to care and love one another. keep been beautiful and thankyou for reminding me just how we should be . love ,family, friendship . send love and best wishes norfolk uk xxx

  3. Avatar
    Living The Dream says:

    Moving to Kentucku in T-Minus 97 days and a wake up. Can't wait to be back there. My husband is from there but we are coming from Arizona where the Army sent us. Kentucky is the closest to God I have ever been. We will be building a shed to home. I just to start to enjoy the small things in life. Thank you guys for all you do. You two are so blessed to have it all. You are truly living the American Dream.

  4. Avatar
    Breezy Best says:

    I have a couple questions about chickens. Do chickens stop laying eggs after just 2 years like some people say? What do you do with the older chickens that don't lay anymore? I'm fine with letting them live out their days after their laying years, but I would have backyard chickens so I wouldn't just be able to get a bunch more chickens every time my other ones get too old to lay, especially if it's only 2 years each time (which is hardly any time at all). I'd end up with way too many eventually and I'd be paying a ton of money on feed with very little return on eggs haha! Also, is it hard to keep chickens healthy? Thank you!

  5. Avatar
    InTown Limits says:

    Wooo Doggy! Raising chicks because we want to see certain ones?? Thats some fan/family commitment right there! And we love you bunches for it. … Do yall have dark egg layers? If so any breed recommendations? Ive been eye balling the Welsummer and Midnight Majesty Maran myself.

  6. Avatar
    Donna says:

    You need to put a couple pigs in that area. They would have that cleared in a jiffy.
    I'm getting chickens this spring.
    We always had chickens growing up but I have not raised chickens myself as an adult.
    I have the coop bought but cant get it moved over here because it's so dang muddy.
    So im like should I go ahead and order chicks and trust these men of mine will get my coop moved or wait.
    I know they will be in a broader for a while.
    But how long do I have before I will need the coop?

  7. Avatar
    Roxie Stephens says:

    I have a question. I bought a few Rhode Island Reds first just to get started with laying hens, then after that i ordered several mixed just because i fell in love with them. When they were about 10 months old i figured they were up and big enough to then join them and the Rhode Islands together. WELL, i ended up finding a dead chicken after a couple of days, then another, then another. They were all from the mixed bunch that i bought not the Rhode Island Reds. It was weird that they only had a place on their back that was injured. I knew it was not an outside animal because we built it pretty predator proof and it only started when we put them all together. I immediately went out and caught the reds and put them back in their pen by themselves again and i haven't lost another bird. What do i do? I am planning to order about 30 more but i don't want to have to more than one chicken area to deal with. HELP. Oh, and BTW, I LOVE YOUR FAMILY AND CHANNEL.

  8. Avatar
    Deborah VonHeeder says:

    I saw my mug ♥
    So nice to enjoy friends and family on the regular…we currently live 8 hrs away from our grandkids- but trying to find a new home and will be moving to be close!
    Can't wait…takes time to find the 'forever home' though…trying to be patient and not just buy anything!

  9. Avatar
    Stephanie Pittman says:

    I never miss an episode! Love your family. Chicken question: I had an urban farm in WA. I loved having chickens. Problem we had: Their feed attracted mice and rats! Ugh! I'm sure that because we lived "downtown", the mice and rats were already in the vicinity. Do YOU have a problem with rodents OR do your dogs, cats, etc keep them away? Our yard lot was small. Please advise as I would like to have laying hens again. My husband said absolutely NO!

  10. Avatar
    Lisa Honey says:

    I know you guys home school so I thought you might like this you tube channel called mrsmorrisreads .She is a 3rd grade teacher who's school couldn't afford reading texts so she started reading from their text and other books on you tube. As a former teacher I feel this is a great resource and maybe we can help this teacher by adding subscribers. Please pass her information along to anyone who might be interested. Thanks!!

  11. Avatar
    Gina H-T says:

    New sub and also new to learning to homestead. My husband and I have talked about a "couple" of chickens but we are beginners..what is the best chicken you recommend for beginners and we only want laying as of right not. I am trying to find people around my area as well, but it's hard here in Northwestern TN. Thank you both for sharing your lives and God Bless you all.

  12. Avatar
    JCB Farm and Garden says:

    Great video, too bad the batt, died, but the time spent together, like you said was the best. Love the chicks and how you say they are calm and one gets all hyper hahaha. so cute. see ya all this weekend. God Bless.

  13. Avatar
    REBCCA RAE says:

    You are so correct. There is nothing like having friends and family around you no matter where you are. Even if you were in the city, you would want friends and family around you and to have Sunday dedicated to friends and family and having well, I've always said the kitchen is the heart of the home because that's where we don't Gather in our living room. We all Gather in our kitchen. And that's where the love starts and it looks like your kitchen dining room living room area is like a combination and open space. And it offers all that love. So God bless have a great day.

  14. Avatar
    Sherri Mize says:

    What you recommend for first time getting chicken layers??? We are 60-70 years old. So, chickens that are on the calm side. Thanks y’all, luvs Sherri in Alabama 😊🌻💕

  15. Avatar
    Vicki Burt says:

    You all are such good company! I love visiting with you!

    I have a question, I just don't understand why (especially when u have that electric fence to corral your new herd) why y'all don't let the goats snack (saving u fodder cash & it's fresh with nutrients) on that brush that's you want to clear. Lots of us are scratching our heads over this.
    That's fun with that flying contraption!

  16. Avatar
    alice allen says:

    Hi everyone, you guys always have a smile and happy words for people, that’s how we all should be but it’s hard to find anymore. Your children are precious and well mannered and I love their little dimples. I lived in Kentucky about 30 years ago in Elizabethtown, my husband was at Fort Knox. I would absolutely love, love to just come sit at your table and have coffee with y’all, you’re like my family, I see y’all more than I do some of them lol , Or if y’all are in Alabama just come see us and we’ll have coffee, I don’t do alcohol in my house. Usually sweet tea for me!! It would be great to be another maw maw to your babies, I wish I could have had a dozen kids but I was only blessed with one and he passed away 5 years ago and his son lives with me. God blessed me with a good life and family and I’m 73 years old now. Ive still got lots of living and planting flowers and tomatoes to do. Lol,, y’all be blessed and have a great week coming up,, 🙏🙏

  17. Avatar
    Karen Lemley says:

    I sure wish I lived close to y'all. I would love to be friends with you guys.I live in Ohio and really have 0 friends. The people you think were friends were just work people. If you party you have plenty but I don't. Now I'm handicapped and almost homebound. I live with one of my granddaughters and am so thankful for her. My sister decided she didn't want me to live with her anymore. I just need friends…I love friends…I get lonely for friends. Y'all make me laugh so I'd love to live close and be able to small homestead but I can't. I love y'all.


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