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  1. Avatar
    Jason Stanley says:

    I'm DELIGHTED you are doing this. I've only been single and learning how to cook just over a year and have found, it's a jungle out there in the kitchen! With being self isolated so no fresh veggies every week, it's becoming a serious challenge waiting on my neighbor's garden to grow.

  2. Avatar
    David says:

    The best survival food is vegan ribs and burgers. Sure you have to get over the fact that it's technically canabilism, but it's organic grass feed meat!

  3. Avatar
    MacKenzie Drake says:

    Good intro. I'm looking forward to this. I normally cook more than I have the last week or so, but we have plenty of tomato sauce and we grabbed some pizza crusts on our last shopping run, so we've been all about stuff on crusts or over pasta here because it's comforting and easy.

  4. Avatar
    Kahlest Enoch says:

    LOL you know I watched Huple's Cat earlier today, and he showed a clip of Trudeau addressing the nation saying enough is enough you must go home and stay home. My way of interpreting that was hmmm don't make me do this but if you don't listen we will have to lock you up and force you vegans to eat meats by feeding you military rations.

  5. Avatar
    Thunderbird says:

    I had purchased cases prepper foods many years ago and didn't want to simply through it all away when it expired so I tried incorporating in my everyday life so I could rotate my storage and keep it fresher. After a couple years I grew tired of this, stopped purchasing and eventually threw out things I never cared for. I got more into whole foods, but over the last couple years slowly accumulated variety of beans, rice, pasta, dried fruits and canned goods just in case. I could survive on my storage for over a year if it ever comes to that, but I am not there yet.

  6. Avatar
    Kevin S says:

    This is why we should always have a variety of seasonings as part of our prep storage. Even something unexpected can do the trick. One example: One night, my grandchildren begged to stay overnight with me. Great! I love the time I get with them. But, since I never eat breakfast, I keep almost nothing for breakfast foods. But, the girls were hungry. So, I tried something unusual – I took some plain Oatmeal, mixed in some hot Cocoa mix and a bit of Cinnamon, and tried it on them. They loved it! They normally hate Oatmeal. When my daughter and son-in-law picked them up that afternoon, they couldn't stop talking about grandpa's "magic Oatmeal."
    The point is this: Try experimenting with various food/seasoning combinations. You'll be amazed by the possibilities.


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