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38 replies
  1. Avatar
    ploughboy56 says:

    Have a Maytag with the auto load and water sensors. Slightest problem with water pressure leads to trouble. Plus doesn't get clothes as clean. High tech means nor problems. Best of luck.

  2. Avatar
    Connie Heitz says:

    My sister uses garlic to keep snakes away. She has grandbabies and doesn't want chemicals etc around her property. Nor does she want snakes. So she raises her own garlic. She then just takes some of the cloves and puts them near and on her steps, the entrance to the basement and back steps etc where she has seen snakes decide to come and sun. Hope this helps.

  3. Avatar
    Kalamity says:

    I know you're in the thick of a lot of new and relevant topics due to your new homestead. Perhaps when you catch up and life isn't so busy, you could talk about how Jeremy came around to embracing the homesteading life. If memory serves when I first began watching your channel Jamie was much more interested in this lifestyle than Jeremy although he was always a willing builder and mechanic. It would be interesting to hear the opinion/theory of each of you on what changed his mind or piqued his interest. Just a thought.

  4. Avatar
    Farm_In_The MiddleOfTheWoods says:

    Great video! Gotta love some of those questions…..LOL!!! That is a long way to drill for the well !! – but we agree that the well is best investment you can ever make! We loved the last few seconds… especially the comment about being "old"…. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Avatar
    Walter Lang says:

    After my experiences with one of those Maytag sensor machines…. Never Again! It's sitting in my basement waiting for a trip to the scrap metal buyer. Cheaper to buy used washers from garage sales than to repair that thing once. I had to replace the same part (shift actuator) 4 times in 2 years.

  6. Avatar
    paty arriaga says:

    Yeah getting old does suck… I try to remember what my Daddy always said when the aches and pain are bad,he would say" well kiddo, getting old ain't for sissies!! Too funny but true,

  7. Avatar
    Jody Flores says:

    I'm glad you were able to do a load of laundry, what a blessing. I'm excited for you to have pants again. You do look nice in a skirt though too. The ending…………..I died! LOL 🙂

  8. Avatar
    Patty Magee says:

    Off grid water woes – only you guys could make something I know nothing about and watch from my on-grid suburbs interesting – and twice! Thanks for all the effort y'all put into sharing your experiences.

  9. Avatar
    PastyPill says:

    Thanks for showing the reality of off grid living, anyone thinking of doing this should watch your channel, you are helping many. Hope your subscriptions keep growing!

  10. Avatar
    Boyd Clements says:

    Can you get a hundred feet of elevation above your building site? A thousand gallon tank is pretty cheap. if you can, you can get a dedicated solar pump to fill your tank and have pressure all the time. I am in the process of getting appliances now and really watching my phantom loads. You could try a RV based spin washer pretty cheap but more labor to wash and rinse.
    It might not be enough for you with 4 but fine for me alone and weekends only

  11. Avatar
    Liber Lady says:

    WAIT! here's a question for you….the measurement for water in the 55 gal barrel, is double what you figured because you have 2 barrels connected together…. Did you take that into consideration when stating 1" of water is approx 3 gallons?

  12. Avatar
    Slider68 says:

    I understand top loading washing machines are "the norm" in the US (and here in Canada too), but we were forced to find ultra-low water usage equipment for our rural home (we had to cut water use by ~75% or pay $60,000 for a new septic system). We spent a lot of time researching options and one item we used is a European style, high capacity front loading LG washing machine that uses about 1/20th of the water our top loader used. They are more $$ up front, but wow do they work incredibly well. Much cleaner clothes, 1400 rpm spin almost dries clothes, far less water, less electricity (compared to our top loader), etc.

    Check out my comments on your recent "The real truth about living off grid with solar energy" video where I provide more information on it and some of the other reductions we employed.

  13. Avatar
    seriously? really? says:

    Amen about drilling a deep well. I like your explanation for what you and your husband have decided is important to you. Its worth the investment and each family makes their own priority. I can live without permanent power but not without safe, reliable, low maintenance water source.

  14. Avatar
    Rebel XApologist says:

    Funny…..this is a video about the well issue and what do I take away from it…..the Appalachian Weather Stick! Yep…never heard of it, so I watched a video of how to make one. Guess what's on my list of to do things tomorrow? You guess it! I laughed at your daughter when she said she feels old from working on the well….ha, she has no clue. I'm 56 years old. LOL Okay, onward to your next video…trying to catch up.

  15. Avatar
    andria blue says:

    R ur boots Mucks?
    Btw may have thought of this already but just in case not here ya go: the machinery and heavy equpiment that will be used to dig ur well will tear up alot of land our well company brought a few tons of stone to fill in our gravel driveway that was depressed and messed up. They did a good job for the most part on some of their own cleanup but the season was a wet winter before a deep freeze. The spring revealed a once deep down clay thats now upon the surface DIFFERENT from the crappy clay i already had on top and the ants that emerged 😲 5 yrs later its still a PITA and the yard was a choppy mess that still could handle being flattened and grass or other plantlife just will not grow there so im working on something w a walkway filled w pea gravel and BTE gardening. Its alot of area for one doing the work so far but as a design comes along i think itll come together.

  16. Avatar
    Oswald Spengler says:

    Yall are doin fine.
    Until a recent most incredible tragic fire in which I lost everything well mostly everything I was wintering for the last 10years at 9758' needless to say "off grid"
    I am watching these videos and am reminded of just such adventures I will soon be involved with : ) seems much more fun with a tight family unit.
    Great job keep up the good work….leave ol cotton eye Joe out he done enough werk!


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