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    no one you know says:

    A person I know works for USDA, overseeing proper handling of animals at a processing plant. Said they had been told by their mgnt that they were NOT to wear masks as recently as the week before Easter! They're not shut down, as they are considered an essential industry. But with thousands of people working in that plant, they all need to be wearing masks…

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    Maine Critter says:

    Hi Ed, Thanks for your input. Liking the Queen -T, Heather. It is a Crime about all the food that is destroyed everyday. Working in a grocery store, I see good food thrown out every day. Owners get a tax write-off. They still get paid. Shame… Also Ed, I hear ya about the vax induced Autism. Same story with my son. Heart breaking. I appreciate and your channel. Stay safe. We need you!

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    Todd Hendricks says:

    as allways with gear 1= 0 ,2= 1 , 3= 2 .Thete are no store supplies in grid down or economic collapse . as to grinders grain and meat redundancies worth weight in gold. Hard to triple up ON ALL ITEMS. If you store grains and coffee bean have extra hand grinders GAURD them well. hard to make flour with out them or coffee.

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    yetisuncle says:

    Dont support walmart. Especially by buying ammo. Avoid walmart at any and all cost. They have a monopoly. But theres always another source for what you want. They are a huge communist cog in the coming takeover machine.


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