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37 replies
  1. Avatar
    vention says:

    Great job!
    LOL at 3:20 you said "and a third a cup a sugar" Man you really have been hanging around Italians!
    Tell me one thing though. Did you buy the chef hat to wear while you do your pizza cooking? It just seems right somehow.
    I think I'll put a pizza stone and paddle on my shopping list.

  2. Avatar
    grrlogin says:

    might be a little off topic…everything here can be stored or frozen. But, can you freeze cheese or give it a longer shelf life another way? Gonna prep things for pizza. Food and Moral booster. Double bonus!

  3. Avatar
    VeritasVideo says:

    Great Vid! Non-glazed Terra Cotta Tile is the cheapest way to get a good pizza stone. A dollar a tile better than 15- 20 per pizza stone. Also, the stone can be used for the camp fire.

  4. Avatar
    NaxTactical says:

    You should try your basic recipie and add tuna on top. So you have mozarella, tomato sauce, tuna and the add a sh*t load off onion. Delicious, by far my favorite pizza! -Nax

  5. Avatar
    lourob21 says:

    Your Pizza looks delicious! I make it every week too (make the dough in my breadmaker, but never thought of making it on the grill. Thanks for the ideas

  6. Avatar
    Ejahi says:

    THis was so cool. My husband is the pizza maker in our house as well. But you over here giving ideas by using the grill instead of the oven. He loves any excuse to get that grill going. lol!

  7. Avatar
    rifleman1002 says:

    @Yankeeprepper You teach the most important thing American's need to know. Self Reliance. So in all, SHTF events will probably happen in sections, and watch as everyone freaks out because they have no clue what to do.

  8. Avatar
    fattyindahouse says:

    Mr. Yankeeprepper I just wanted you to know how much I like your family. Watching your videos really inspires me to get on making my life better. In life I've been unfortunate with not meeting many people of substance. By just watching your videos of you making pizza and going to the farmers market I can feel the love, you have truly inspired me and I wanted to thank you for sharing your skills and family with a stranger.

  9. Avatar
    mlovesTx says:

    OMG. I'm so hungry now 🙂 Thank you, this looks WONDERFUL. We will be trying it this week for sure! Where did you get the pizza stone? I've never seen one of those before.

  10. Avatar
    Bstanley71 says:

    As a Pizza restaurant owner, I would have to say that those pizzas are winners in my book. Great job as usual my friend, and you are absolutely correct, a 12 inch or so sized pizza only costs 2 dollars or so to make depending on toppings.

  11. Avatar
    tmg754 says:

    i did everything just like the video up until i put the dough in the bowl to set for an hour, but mine didnt rise nearly as much… time to troubleshoot.

    did you cover it while it rose?


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